Foodies of the World, Unite --- and Dig the New "Foodie Handbook"

Tulsa, Oklahoma – We chat with Pim Techamuanvivit on today's edition of our show; Pim writes one of the most popular blogs on the Web --- indeed, she's been called "the queen of the food bloggers" (and her blog gets thousands of hits each week). Pim's new book, just out from Chronicle Books, is called "The Foodie Handbook: The (Almost) Definitive Guide to Gastronomy." With chapter titles like "How to Eat Like a Foodie" and "How to Cook Like a Foodie," this book collects tips, secrets, anecdotes, and recipes from the world's top chefs --- but also from street-food vendors as well as friends and loved ones. It's quite enjoyable --- and mouth-watering --- to read. Pim also shares advice on how to out-snob the staff of a three-star restaurant, how to prepare simple but deliciously flavored dishes at home, and how to plan and execute a "pad-thai party" in your very own kitchen. Food equals fun, dear listeners, and there's a place at the table just for you.