Food for Thought on StudioTulsa

Public Radio 89.5 HD1 – We've got a pair of great "thematic" weeks of programming lined up for StudioTulsa during the month of August. These two theme-centered weeks will consist of encore presentations of past programs that we're especially proud of.

Science Week begins on Monday the 9th, and Education Week will begin on Monday the 16th.

On Science Week, we'll be looking at --- among other topics --- the cultural history of the migraine headache, the very peculiar development of the human body over the course of evolution, and the implications that robotics might have in store for contemporary wars, politics, and ethics. We'll also explore how today's cutting-edge, rapidly advancing technology is (already) dramatically affecting our brains.

On Education Week, we'll hear from such noted teachers, classroom activists, and education experts as Geoffrey Canada, Diane Ravitch, Tony Wagner, and Jay Mathews.

Join us. Some interesting shows are waiting in the wings --- and there won't be a quiz!

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