'Food Fight' at the Tulsa County Lock-up

Jun 26, 2013

Credit KWGS News File Photo

Inmates in one section of the Tulsa County Jail hurl chairs and their breakfasts as a fight gets out of control. It happened this morning about 6 O'clock.

Sheriff’s Major Shannon Clark says it only lasted a couple of minutes and no one was seriously hurt.  In fact, he tells KWGS, that from watching the video,  it seems order was being restored within 90-seconds.

While the jail is at inmate capacity, Major Clark is NOT blaming that for what he calls a "food fight". He does say it would be helpful if the Oklahoma Department of Correction would pick-up its prisoners. The Major says the jail is holding about 250-inmates for the state. These are individuals who have been convicted of a felony crimes and are awaiting transfer to state facilities.

Major Clark offered praise for the detention officer. He says the officer followed the proper protocol in restoring order and at no time was the aggression aimed at the officer.