Food Bank Gets Help From Letter Carriers During Drive

May 8, 2013

Letter carriers across the country work to “Stamp Out Hunger.”

You can leave nonperishable food for your letter carrier on Saturday—in Tulsa the food drive will benefit the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma.

Dawna Hurst is coordinator of the letter carrier’s food drive for this area.

She says last year carriers collected around 80,000 pounds of food for the Tulsa area.

Stamp Out Hunger is part of the Food Bank’s current Food for Families and Letter Carriers Food Drive.

According to the Food Bank, the summer months can be difficult for those who are food insecure, because most students are out of school and utility bills are often higher in the heat, all without the benefit of the holidays to remind people to donate.

Hurst says mail carriers often get a close look at need in the community.

“A lot of people, you see their families grow up,” she said. “You’re actually at their door, and so if they’re in need, you kind of know that.”

If you want to donate but miss your carrier’s delivery time, Reasors is also accepting donations through Monday.