Flu Season's Last Sneeze?

Feb 20, 2014

Patient care at St Francis
Credit St-Francis

There were no new flu deaths in Tulsa County last week. So far, this season, eight people have died from the flu in Tulsa County. That number is 48 statewide.

As the flu season winds down, health officials say it wasn't as bad as last year and the vaccine worked better. But younger adults were hit harder because of a surge of swine flu.

Overall, hospitalization rates for the flu are only about half what they were last winter. It has been a fairly mild season for the elderly — usually the most vulnerable group to flu and its complications.

But it's been a different story for younger adults. The government said Thursday that nearly two-thirds of the hospital stays this winter were in adults ages 18-64. Most flu seasons, it's only one-third.