Flu Impacts Workload for Tulsa Emergency Responders

Jan 16, 2013

EMSA paramedics take care of a young child.
Credit EMSA

This flu season is difficult, not just for the flu sufferer, but the people tasked with taking care of us. EMSA’s Kelli Bruer says they have seen a dramatic increase in flu related calls in Tulsa.

BRUER:We have seen an increase in calls. Probably a 10-to-20% increase in calls in which we are seeing, you know, flu like symptoms.”

Bruer says ambulances are scrubbed down with disinfectant after every run. She says it is also a struggle to keep the paramedics healthy.

BRUER: “We are constantly making sure that we are washing hands; that we are sanitizing. All of the regular things that we do. We are very hyper-vigilant this time of year. We also make sure that when they (paramedics) go home to their families that they have cleaned-up, changed and sanitized before interacting with family.

New figures from the state will be released tomorrow on the number of people in Oklahoma hospitalized with the flu in the past week. The number is expected to be up again.