Fire Danger

Tulsa, OK – Earlier this afternoon, Tulsa County Commissioners passed a resolution today creating a burn ban in Tulsa County for the next seven days. After seven days, Tulsa County Commissioners will meet to assess the need for another seven-day burn ban.

With the burn ban in effect, the Tulsa Fire Department wants to remind City of Tulsa residents that any kind of outdoor burning is strictly prohibited. In the City of Tulsa, there is a minimum $220 fine for burning. This includes: outdoor grills, fire pits, chimineas, outdoor fireplaces, camp fires, trash burning, etc. The Tulsa Fire Department also wants to remind citizens to not throw cigarette butts outside, but properly dispose of burning cigarettes.

The burn ban overrides any previously issued burn permits. Permits will be reissued at no cost once the burn ban is lifted.