Filing Taxes Electronically is Encouraged as Deadline Approaches

Apr 8, 2013

The deadline to file state taxes is approaching. The date to save is April 15th, but if you file electronically, the deadline is April 22nd.

"Towards the end of April we have a lot of the pay returns. So far, we have received 943,000 returns. About 750,000 of those have been electronically filed," says  Oklahoma Tax Commission spokeswoman Paula Ross.

So far, 750,000 refunds have already been done. The average refund is running at $372.26.

Ross says that filing electronically  not only speeds the time to get your refunds, but also eliminates common mistakes during the filing process.

"One of the things traditionally we've had trouble with is math errors, and that's one of the reasons on the electronically filed returns that it does it for you. So as far as the math errors, we see a lot less errors with the electronically filed returns than we do with the paper returns," she says.