Filing Period Opens Today for Tulsa's Mayor's Race

Apr 7, 2013

Dewey Bartlett, Kathy Taylor, Bill Christiansen
Credit Supplied by their campaigns

Candidates prepare to head to the Tulsa County Election Board. Today is the first day to file in the city’s first ever non-partisan Mayoral Election.

At least three candidates are expected to file. Incumbent Mayor Dewey Bartlett, Jr. is seeking re-election. Former Mayor Kathy Taylor is also planning to file. She did seek re-election at the end of her first term. Also expected to file is former Tulsa District 8 City Councilor Bill Christiansen.

Under the new election system, all the candidates will appear on a single ballot on June 11th. If one candidate should receive 50% of the vote on that date, he or she will be the next Mayor. If no one gets 50% then the top two candidates will advance to the November General Election Ballot. There would be a run-off if the top two candidates combined fail to get 50% of the vote. That run-off would be in August.

Also City Council seats in Districts 2,5 and 8. The City Auditor’s position will also be on the ballot. The Filing period ends on Wednesday at 5PM.