Falling Gas Prices

Tulsa, OK – The recent drop in gas prices has left drivers in Oklahoma happy lately with the price down from what it was just a few months ago. With more supply and the end of the hurricanes, things have been good for the gas industry, as the fall season levels out with more people going back to their regular day jobs and ending their summer trips.
Chuck Mai, the public spokesperson for AAA Oklahoma, says that "consumers can even expect to see prices come down even further as the fall wears on," with the increased stability of the price market for crude oil. As for the oncoming winter, Mai suspects we will have more of the same, "unless we have an extremely bitter winter in New England. That would increase the demand for home heating oil, and as a result refineries are forced to use oil for heating instead of cars."
As far as gas reaching four dollars a gallon, Mai doesn't see that happening anytime soon. "Unless something cataclysmic occurs to disrupt supply or distribution," Mai said, "such as war in the Middle East or another Katrina, we can expect the same prices we have now into the future."