Exploring Humanity's Evolving Concept of the Divine (Encore presentation.)

Tulsa, Oklahoma – (Please note: This program originally aired last year.) On this edition of our show, veteran journalist and author Robert Wright talks about his latest book, "The Evolution of God." Wright's book examines how humanity's conception of God has changed over the millennia, from the ancient myths of various societies (concerning multiple deities with supernatural powers and human tendencies) to the Abrahamic faiths of today (namely, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam --- in which messages of love and benevolence appear alongside admonitions of intolerance toward unbelievers). The paperback edition of "The Evolution of God" came out in May of this year. As critic Paul Bloom noted of this book in The New York Times (when it was first published in hardcover form): "In his brilliant new book . . . Wright tells the story of how God grew up. . . . Wright's tone is reasoned and careful, even hesitant, throughout, and it is nice to read about issues like the morality of Christ and the meaning of jihad without getting the feeling that you are being shouted at. His views, though, are provocative and controversial. There is something here to annoy almost everyone."