Ex-Auditor Told No

Oklahoma City, OK – Appeals court denies ex-Okla auditor's appeal

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) A federal appeals court has denied former State Auditor and Inspector Jeff McMahan's appeal of his convictions and sentence on corruption-related charges.

McMahan was convicted of taking illegal campaign contributions, trips and jewelry and was sentenced to eight years and one month in prison.

Among other things, McMahan argued that the evidence was insufficient to support his conviction and that the jury didn't receive proper instructions regarding the Travel Act, which makes it a crime for anyone to use interstate travel to promote unlawful activity.

The judges ruled there was enough evidence to conclude there was an unlawful agreement between McMahan and others to violate the Travel Act. The judges also decided that the district court didn't err in jury instructions.

U.S. Attorney Sheldon Sperling says he hadn't read the decision.

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