"The End: A Novel"

Tulsa, Oklahoma – On this edition of our show, we're talking about both the art and craft of writing with author Salvatore Scibona, whose recent debut novel, "The End," has just appeared in paperback from Picador. Winner of the 2009 New York Public Library Young Lions Fiction Award, "The End" drew some stellar reviews when it first came out in hardcover --- "Didion meets Hitchcock" (per Esquire), "exquisitely rendered" (per the Los Angeles Times), "breathtaking" (per the Cleveland Plain Dealer), and so forth. The novel is set in August of 1953, amid an Italian immigrant neighborhood in northern Ohio. It's a complex, engrossing tale that explores matters of faith and family, of morality and memory, and of recent history and racial hostility. Also: Scibona will appear here in T-Town tomorrow night (Thursday the 10th) at a BookSmart Tulsa event. (For details, visit booksmarttulsa.com.)