EMSA Weather Update

Tulsa, OK – Like so many Tulsans, paramedics are not happy to see more snow falling. However, EMSA is prepared to respond. EMSA's operations team has been carefully watching meteorologists' reports since late last week. Resources like ice melt and additional windshield wiper blades remain in good supply at EMSA, since the late January blast wasn't as bad as expected. EMSA plans to use blue tape again, to mark stranded and vehicles that have been checked, in an effort to reduce unnecessary, duplicate ambulance responses. (This will occur only if conditions warrant - i.e. there is an influx in motor vehicle crashes and/or stranded vehicles. Less likely in a minor-to-moderate snow event, more likely with heavy snow, ice or a freezing mix that turns streets into skating rinks.) EMSA management staff are on standby to help supplement emergency response, and extra off-duty personnel will be called in if needed.

At 11 a.m., EMSA paramedics noted some slick spots on Tulsa area roads with increasingly "slushy" conditions. Reduced speeds and increased stopping distances are recommended for motorists. As of yet, EMSA has not seen any noticeable influx of weather-related emergency calls.