Embracing Sustainability at the University of Tulsa --- and Throughout Our City

Tulsa, Oklahoma – On today's show, we're discussing sustainable living and sustainable practices with two professors here at the University of Tulsa. (Both were slated to speak at a "Go! Green Expo" that was scheduled for September 18th, but this event has now been CANCELLED due to low registration numbers.) Chad Settle teaches economics, Gordon Purser teaches chemistry, and both are involved with the university's Sustainability Committee. (You can learn more about this organization at http://orgs.utulsa.edu/usc/about.html.) Prof. Settle, who's also been active in the Buy Fresh Buy Local campaign for several years, speaks about various sustainability-driven efforts both in Northeastern Oklahoma and across the TU campus. Prof. Purser, in turn, speaks about ongoing research projects as well as recent changes or developments in university policy that were created --- and are still being created --- with sustainability in mind.