E-Tickets Creates E-Snag

Tulsa, OK – It started with much fanfare, E-tickets, a new hi-tech way for Tulsa Police to write traffic tickets electronically. Jim Tomboy is the Director of Administration for the city of Tulsa.

He credits no hand writing errors and photographs of the drivers, because all data is scanned directly from the offender's license, to a dramatic uptick in the number of tickets.

More tickets have created a bottleneck in the City Prosecutor's office. The city has gone from have five full time prosecutors to three. Budget cuts snagged one prosecutor and retirement got another. Prosecutors have to sign off on the tickets and if they are all electronic that has to be done with a computer. But prosecutors spend a lot of time in court, so the city is looking at getting the prosecutors laptops and a courtroom hot spot so that they can endorse the tickets from the courtroom.