Drug Money

Oklahoma City, OK – Anti-drug agency seizes $2M in property in '10

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) State Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Control officials say the agency has profited this year from almost $2 million of seized or forfeited property as the result of drug crimes.

Darrell Weaver, the agency's director, says about 30 percent of its budget is appropriated by the state, while the rest comes from fees and other revenues, including seizures and forfeitures. He says he believes in "taking from the bad guys and giving to the good guys."

Federal authorities also have petitioned for the forfeiture of millions of dollars of property believed tied to illegal drugs. The Oklahoman reports that during the most recent federal fiscal year, the state's three U.S. Attorneys' offices combined to collect more than $30 million in forfeited assets, restitution funds, recovered debts and fraud settlements.


Information from: The Oklahoman, http://www.newsok.com