Dr. Ronald Walters on "Barack Obama and the Challenges of Governing"

Tulsa, Oklahoma – The YWCA Tulsa and Tulsa Community College are co-presenting a year-long series of events on the theme of "Why Race Still Matters" --- inclusive, community-driven conversations about race in America in the 21st Century. On this edition of our show, we hear from Dr. Ronald Walters, who'll be speaking as a part of this series tomorrow morning (the 15th) at 9am at the TCC Northeast Campus Auditorium on "Barack Obama and the Challenges of Governing." Dr. Walters will also be lecturing in the TCC Metro Campus Student Center tomorrow afternoon at 1pm. (For more information, please consult the PDF at this link: http://www.ywca.org/atf/cf/%7B3D47C4EE-0915-4327-B519-196518F3F348%7D/WRSMPressRelease.pdf.) Also, by way of biography: Dr. Walters is a well-known expert on the issues of African American leadership and politics; he's the author of dozens of articles and ten books. He works at the University of Maryland as the director of its African American Leadership Institute, as a Distinguished Leadership Scholar in its James MacGregor Burns Academy of Leadership, and as a professor in government and politics.