Downtown Development in the City of Tulsa: An Update

Tulsa, Oklahoma – If you've been on foot, in a car, or on a bus in downtown Tulsa lately, you've probably seen a fair amount of new development underway --- trucks, cranes, forklifts, detours, construction sites, etc. And this kind of rapid growth, we're pleased to report, is only going to continue in the coming weeks and months. On StudioTulsa today, we chat with Delise Tomlinson, Executive Director of Downtown & Community Development at the Tulsa Metro Chamber. As Tomlinson tells us, from the Hardesty Arts Center, the Matthew's Warehouse Arts Complex, and the Tribune Lofts II (a/k/a The Metro), to the Brady District Flats, the KOTV/Channel 6 renovation, and the just-announced reconstruction of the Boulder Avenue Bridge, Tulsa's downtown area is poised for a serious and meaningful --- and quite exciting --- growth spurt. (For more about this topic, please visit and