Deliberations Resume Monday in Jail Death Case

Mar 18, 2017

Credit KWGS News File Photo

Jurors will resume deliberations on Monday morning as to whether they think a man's civil rights were violated when his last hours alive were spent lying on the floor of an Oklahoma jail with a broken neck.

Attorneys for the estate of Elliott Williams say jail and medical staff in Tulsa failed to provide medical care as 37-year-old Williams languished in his cell for five days in 2011, complaining he couldn't move.

The Williams estate attorney is asking for $51 million.

Central to the case is a condensed video that shows Williams' last 51 hours. He lies paralyzed as jail staffers throw food on the floor and place a cup of water out of his reach. Firefighters are shown rendering CPR and then pronouncing him dead.

The case comes amid a national discussion about whether jails are equipped to handle inmates in mental distress.