Death Takes Tulsa Advocate Nate Waters

Apr 22, 2013

Nate Waters in this year's Tulsa MLK Parade.
Credit Facebook

Tulsa community activist Nate Waters has died. Waters was paralyzed and confined to his mobilized wheelchair. He was a tireless advocate for those with disabilities. He was 35 years old.

Waters got his GED and, despite his disabilities, got degrees from Tulsa Community College and Oklahoma State University. He worked as at accountant at Williams.

He was the media “go-to” guy for news stories dealing with the struggles of the disabled. He was a major proponent of Tulsa Transit’s Lift program. He was honored for his community service by the Tulsa United Way and the American Diabetes Association. Waters served on the Mayor’s Commission for the Disabled and Tulsa Sports Charities.

His spinal cord was severed at age 19, while trying to break-up a fight with his mother’s boy friend. He was a strong advocate of Tulsa’s Domestic Violence Intervention Services.