Death Penalty Possible for England and Watts

Jan 4, 2013

If they’re proven guilty of last year’s Good Friday shooting spree, Jake England and Alvin Watts could face the death penalty.

Alvin Watts and Jake England could face the death penalty if they're convicted of first degree murder.
Credit Tulsa County Jail Booking photo

The Tulsa County District Attorney’s office today announced it will seek the death penalty in their case.

“It’ll be a two-stage proceeding,” Assistant District Attorney Doug Drummond said, “so you’ll have a trial as to the guilt on the counts that we’ve filed.”

“If the jury finds them guilty of first degree murder,” he said, “we’ll go to a second stage where we’ll present evidence as to the aggravating circumstances.”

Drummond says those include knowingly creating a risk of death to more than one person, and the existence of a probability that the defendant would pose a continuing threat to society.