Crystal City Auctioned

Feb 27, 2013

Crystal City Shopping Center Auction
Credit KWGS News


A shopping center along historic Route 66, once the jewel of West Tulsa, is auctioned to the highest bidder. Crystal City, built as an amusement park and shopping plaza in the 1920’s, is now nearly empty. Only a few businesses remain. Rich Leible owns Good Guys Gun and Pawn.

He says he hopes the new owners do a better job of taking care of things than the old owners. He believes the area is ripe for revitalization.

The property was broken into three pieces and sold to two bidders. The largest parcel went to an unnamed on-line bidder for 435-thousand dollars.The same bidder bought a smaller parcel for 40-thousand, and the second bidder, identified as the owner of Sam’s Offroad…a nearby business, purchased the other parcel for 89-thousand.