Crowds Flock to Fairgrounds Gun Show

Apr 7, 2013

People waited in long lines to get inside the Expo Center.
Credit Mike Dale

Fears of tighter federal gun and ammunition laws had Oklahomans packed into the Tulsa Fair Grounds Expo Center for the Wanenmacher Gun and Knife Show.

Inola resident Thomas Randelson was looking to buy ammunition for his weapons, but was surprised by how high the prices have climbed. Booth operators say the higher prices are a result of supply and demand.

Others were there looking to buy weapons before possible new federal regulations on ownership are imposed. They fear the Obama Administration and Congress will take steps limit Second Amendment Rights.

Over 4,100 tables of weapons and supplies were on display at the Fairgrounds. People were allowed to bring their own weapons for trade or sale to the event. But, those weapons had to be unloaded before they could enter the building. The same rule applied to concealed and open carry weapons.