Crossbow Convict Up for Parole

Feb 18, 2013

A former Tulsa policeman convicted in one of the city’s most infamous murder cases has a parole hearing tomorrow. Jimmie Dean Stohler, the only man of three tried in the 1982 Crossbow Case to be convicted, faces the parole board. Rochelle Ruth is the twin sister of the victim, Michelle Rae Powers. Ruth will be there to argue against letting Stohler out of prison. Assistant Tulsa County D.A. James Dunn will also argue against parole. He cites the heinous nature of the crime, and says Stohler should spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Powers was shot in the chest with a poisoned crossbow bolt. She died six days later. Stohler is at the point in his sentence where he comes up for parole consideration every three years.

Jimmie Dean Stohler
Credit Department of Corrections