Crash Cause

Collinsville, OK – Engine power loss probable cause of Okla crash

COLLINSVILLE, Okla. (AP) A National Transportation Safety Board reports says a loss of engine power is the probable cause of an accident that killed a Broken Arrow man and his mother, but the man's decision to make a 180-degree turn at a low level contributed to the accident last year.

Forty-nine-year-old Kevin Covell and 83-year-old Charlotte Covell died in the May 29 crash near Collinsville.

According to an NTSB probable cause report, the single-engine kit airplane had just departed and was about 150 feet off the ground when the engine lost power.

The pilot made the 180-degree turn back to airstrip to land, but the airplane's wing and nosed dropped and the plane crashed in a nearby pasture.

An ensuing fire consumed most of airplane's cabin and the engine area sustained heat damage.

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