County Wants to Improve Roads Near New Macy's Facility

Aug 4, 2014

Tulsa County is accepting construction bids for two road projects on 76th Street North to prepare for the new Macy's facility. One will be at Sheridan Road (labeled as 65th East Avenue), and one will be at 75th East Avenue.
Credit Google Maps

Tulsa County plans road work to prepare for the new Macy’s facility.

County Engineer Tom Rains says there will be two projects on 76th Street North.

"One of them is at 75th East Avenue, which will be the main employee entrance to the new Macy's facility," Rains said. "The other one will be at Sheridan [Road], which will include an extension of Sheridan to the south as a truck entrance to the back side of Macy's."

The work will include putting in turn lanes at the intersections. Rains said they’re trying to plan the projects to coincide with the facility opening.

"It should be done about the same time," Rains said. "The bid itself specifies that the work will be done by, I believe the first of April, which is when Macy's plans to go online."

County commissioners voted unanimously Monday to begin accepting bids on the projects.