Counterfeit Bust in Tulsa County

Jul 16, 2014

The fake money and equipment recovered in Tulsa today
Credit KWGS News

The Tulsa County Sheriff's Office holds a news conference to show off counterfeit currency recovered this morning. Along with the funny money, the department arrested two people.

The sheriff's office says:

NEWS RELEASE: "These arrests are significant for metropolitan Tulsa, as well Northeast Oklahoma, as it is unknown at this time where these individuals may have passed the counterfeit currency. The Tulsa County Sheriff’s office is working with the Secret Service in conjunction with this investigation." 

The suspects were arrested during a traffic stop in Tulsa early this morning for an expired license plate.  In addition to the counterfeit cash, the equipment believed used to make the fake bills was also recovered. Officials speculate that the money was passed in the Tulsa area for the past several weeks.