Council Pay Cut

Tulsa, OK – 2 Tulsa councilors suggest cut in their pay

TULSA, Okla. (AP) With the city of Tulsa planning to give city employees unpaid days off to make up a revenue shortfall two city councilors say they should give up part of their salaries.

Councilors David Patrick and Dennis Troyer say the council should show solidarity with city workers facing up to eight unpaid furlough days. The councilors say eight unpaid days off would equal a 3.1 percent pay cut and they believe the council should share the pain.

Patrick says the gesture would amount to about $558 of each councilor's $18,000 salary but would send a good message.

Councilors Rick Westcott, Eric Gomez, Bill Christiansen and G.T. Bynum all agreed with the plan but Councilors Jack Henderson and John Eagleton were not as sure.

Henderson says he doesn't think councilor salaries have anything to do with the rest of the city. He says councilors don't get pay raises when city employees get raises.


Information from: Tulsa World,

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