Consultants to Unveil plan for Oklahoma Uninsured

Jun 27, 2013

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Credit EMSA

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — A consulting firm paid $500,000 to help Oklahoma answer the question of how to insure up to 200,000 people without health insurance coverage is expected to release its final report to state officials.

Utah-based Leavitt Partners is expected to present its report on Thursday to the Oklahoma Health Care Authority, the state agency that oversees the federal Medicaid program in Oklahoma.

The firm's initial suggestions included streamlining Medicaid requirements and expanding the state's Insure Oklahoma program, which currently uses Medicaid and Oklahoma tax money to help about 30,000 people buy private insurance.

Gov. Mary Fallin rejected $3.6 billion over seven years in new federal money to expand the state's Medicaid system last year, pushing the Health Care Authority to look into other ways to provide coverage.

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