Community Intervention Center

Tulsa, OK – The City of Tulsa, Youth Services of Tulsa and other local and state officials, took part in the ceremonial ribbon cutting today at the new Tulsa Area Community Intervention Center (CIC), which is set to open Tuesday, June 1. Youth Services of Tulsa will manage the day to day operations of the center, which will be open 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, located at the former 911-Center, 6th and Denver.

The Tulsa Area CIC will serve as a one-stop centralized intake, assessment and service referral system for juveniles who are arrested by law enforcement officers for misdemeanor or delinquent offenses in Tulsa County. The CIC will serve as a short-term reception facility that will hold juveniles up to 24-hours providing assessments and referrals to families, as well as, track trends in juvenile crime locally.

"The Tulsa Area CIC is ultimately filling a gap in services we have for law enforcement and the juvenile justice system," said Mayor Dewey Bartlett. "In many cases, when a juvenile is picked up by a law enforcement officer, the officer has to find the appropriate facility to take the juvenile, as well as, make a contact to the juvenile's guardian to be picked-up. The Tulsa Area CIC will give law enforcement officers the chance to quickly drop-off the juvenile then return back to Tulsa streets within 15 minutes of arrival at the center."

In 1995, the State of Oklahoma Office of Juvenile Affairs began to establish Community Intervention Centers throughout the state. The Tulsa Area CIC will be the ninth intervention center established in the state of Oklahoma. Cities such as Oklahoma City, Lawton, Norman and Muskogee currently have intervention centers that provide services for their counties.

"With widespread concern about juvenile crime in the country and Oklahoma, the Tulsa Area CIC will serve as a deterrent to juvenile crime in Tulsa County," Dr. Sandra Richardson, Director of Tulsa Area CIC said. By having an assessment and referral system for juveniles, we will be able to identify and intervene with juvenile's who are at risk of becoming tomorrow's serious, violent and chronic offenders."

The Tulsa Area CIC is a joint venture between the State of Oklahoma Office of Juvenile Affairs, the City of Tulsa and Youth Services of Tulsa. Major funding sources provided for the Tulsa Area CIC include: the State of Oklahoma Office of Juvenile Affairs, the Tulsa County Juvenile Trust Authority and the City of Tulsa.