Committee Reaches Decision on $2.8M in Federal HUD Funds

Feb 25, 2014

The committee tasked with recommending awards for Tulsa's federal Housing and Urban Development grants reached a decision today on one category of funding. 

Nine of 11 applicants for physical and economic development grants will get funding. Of those, just three will get the full amount requested. 

The committee received 11 applications totaling $5.8 million for just $2.8 million in funding. Chair Gail Rose said she's trying to teach programs not getting money or less money than they requested there are other sources of funding available. 

"These social-sector businesses, they're trying to call it now instead of nonprofit — $300 billion are given away in this country annually," Rose said. "There's a big pile of money for these smaller agencies to be tapping into, and they just need a method. And there's a lot of wonderful methods out there, and that's where the education comes in."

The allocated funds are for programs such as small business loans and neighborhood improvements. The largest award is $1 million for a small business loan program administered by the Tulsa Economic Development Corporation. Applications by Domestic Violence Intervention Services and the city parks department received no funding. 

All the committee recommendations are subject to approval by the mayor and the city council. 

"It is a very educated effort, but it's certainly — they can overrule it at any time, for any reason," Rose said. 

Discussion on awards for public service programs was tabled until tomorrow's meeting.