Commission Approves of Tax Extension Vote. But Not All Details are Worked Out

Aug 13, 2012

The Tulsa County Commission votes to send  an extension of the Vision 2025 sales tax back to the voters. The proposal, originally passed in the 2006, used a 0.6 percent sales tax to make Tulsa County infrastructure improvements, most notably is the arena, now called the BOK Center.

Under the whole proposal, the county would extend the tax 13-years after its currently scheduled expiration date in 2017. During that time period the tax is expected to generate over $747-million. The majority of the money would be used improvements to the city of Tulsa owned aerospace facilities.  

However, the additional money, expected to be near $362-million, will be used by Tulsa County communities. Those projects have not been selected.

The Commission approved the first two parts of the proposal  which include airport improvements and funding for quality of life enhancements. The commissioners  will hold a public hearing before those enhancements are finalized.

There is opposition to the extension that is now being organized. The proposal would be on the November ballot.