Commission Approves Repairs for Tulsa Bridge Hit Twice This Year

Dec 4, 2017

Credit Google Street View

The Oklahoma Transportation Commission approved Monday $1.2 million in repairs for a bridge over U.S. 412 in west Tulsa.

It’s been a rough year for the bridge at 65th West Avenue. It was hit by a track hoe being hauled by a truck in June. The bridge was hit again by a crane on a truck last month, about 10 days after the commission approved work to repair damage from the first crash.

The bridge remains closed.

"We don't have an exact start date for that yet, but we do anticipate that work will begin soon and we'll be able to announce how that will impact traffic as soon as we are able to meet with the contractor and get that worked out," said Oklahoma Department of Transportation spokeswoman Kenna Mitchell.

The bridge has damage to its beams, wall and decking.

Mitchell said any time state property is damaged in a crash, there may be an insurance payout.

"If we know who the responsible party is, then we can pursue the repair costs from them," Mitchell said. "So, in this case, we do know who did the damage to the bridge, and we will be pursuing the recovery from them."