"Collective Trust: Why Schools Can't Improve Without It"

Tulsa, Oklahoma – On our show today, we offer an engaging discussion with Patrick Forsyth and Curt Adams, both of whom are education professors at the University of Oklahoma. They're also two of the three co-authors of a recently published book, "Collective Trust: Why Schools Can't Improve Without It." Because all schools --- at all levels --- are, at their core, social organizations built within (and built upon) other social organizations, it turns out that trust is one of the most important aspects (indeed, one of the hallmarks) of any successful educational institution. Professors Forsyth and Adams spell this out for us on StudioTulsa. And as the descriptive write-up on the back cover of their book puts it: "The culmination of nearly three decades of research, [this book] offers new insight and practical knowledge on the social construction of trust for school improvement. The authors argue that 'collective trust' is not merely an average trust score for a group, but rather an independent concept with distinctive origins and consequences. The book demonstrates that schools are organizations that require environments characterized by high levels of collective trust to be effective. Including an historical overview, an exhaustive review of the empirical research, and implications for school reform policy and leadership, [this book] is the most comprehensive resource to date on the issue of collective trust."