Coburn comes to Tulsa and lashes out at Democrats

Mar 12, 2012

Oklahoma U.S. Senator Tom Coburn delivers an address to a packed ballroom at the Tulsa Convention Center. The Republican was in Tulsa to address the Tulsa Metro Chamber of Commerce's Congressional Luncheon.

In an interview with KWGS, prior to his address, he lashed out at the U.S. Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada. He accused Reid of playing politics with the U.S. budget and wants to see pressure applied to Reid and the White House to come forward to a federal budget to vote on by the April 15th deadline.

Coburn says Reid is trying to set-up a re-election strategy for the President, where the President is running against Congress rather than the Republican nominee.

On the election, Coburn defended his endorsement of Mitt Romney for the GOP nomination, even though Romney did not win the Oklahoma primary. That prize went to former Senator Rick Santorum.