City-County Compromise in the Works?

Aug 20, 2013

Today's council discussion on the capital improvement package.
Credit KWGS News/TGov

The Tulsa City Council discusses a possible capital improvement Compromise with Tulsa County over the 'four-to-fix the county' sales tax. The city wants the dollars as part of a capital project. The county wants monies for a Juvenile Justice Center. City Councilor Karen Gilbert likes the idea of giving the county five million toward its project.

KAREN GILBERT:  "I know that we have an issue with juveniles. I work in public schools. I see it every day. I think it is a great compromise to give them that five (million) and see if other municipalities will step up and help out."

Others on the council, like Jack Henderson,  say it is too late to make changes in the Tulsa plan, which is expected to go to voters in November and has already been the subject of public meetings.

JACK HENDERSON: " Trying to force this in at the last hour, I don't think that is the way to go." I am not really open to anyone of these plans, because it is changing what we talked about all of this time."

The council will take up the issue again on Thursday.