City Councilors Ask About Costs for Mowing Private Property

Aug 1, 2014

Walls built to provide protection from street noise on 81st Street between Mingo and Memorial make it tougher for property owners to mow the part of their property along the street.
Credit Matt Trotter / KWGS

Tulsa city councilors want to how much the city has been paying to mow private property.

Streets and Stormwater Director Roy Teeters said $125 dollars for one area each mowing cycle, but that’s cheaper than the alternative.

"It comes down to about $8 a property to mow," Teeters said. "And our administrative cost and the cost of having an inspector go out and inspect it and enforce the mowing would be much more expensive than just continuing to mow."

One area is 81st Street between Memorial and Mingo. Teeters said part of a streets project ended up blocking homeowners from the edge of their properties.

"We built sound barriers and concrete walls that blocked the property owners from part of their property," Teeters said. "But they still own the property and would be, by state statute, responsible for mowing it."

Property owners have to walk 300 to 400 yards to mow that section of grass. Those properties are also mixed in with ones owned by the city, and Teeters said there wouldn't be any savings if contracted mowers had to skip certain properties.