City Council Reviews IT Department Problems

Oct 11, 2012

Tulsa City Manager Jim Twombly and Acting IT Director Jonathan Brooks go before the Tulsa City Council. They discussed the recent cyber test that was mistaken for a hack of the city’s web server.

Brooks is a Tulsa Police Captain brought in to supervise the IT department after Director Tom Goliver was suspended.

City Councilor Skip Steel wanted to know why the department did not contact the testing firm before announcing that the system had been attacked. Brooks said that was a mistake and it is being addressed in a new protocol for the department.

District Two Councilor Jeannie Cue told Twombly she did not understand why it took so long to bring back the system after they learned it wasn’t hacked. Twombly said the test, while friendly, did show some problems and they wanted to fix them before going live with the server.

Councilor Phil Lakin suggested an IT committee of local experts be formed to help in crisis and offer technical support on a pro bono basis.

The serve was off line for nearly three weeks. Some parts of the city vast web properties are still not fully operational.