Child Abuse Death: Two Arrested

Glenpool, OK – A one year-old girl is dead, the apparent victim of child abuse in Glenpool. Police in Glenpool have arrested two people in connection with the case. Arrested are 28-year-old David Eugene Bridgeman and his girl friend, 21-year-old Paula Najar. Bridgeman is the victim's uncle.

Authorities say the child was in Bridgeman's care while the girl's father is serving a prison term. Najar was allegedly potty training the girl with no success. Najar reportedly became frustrated with the girl and spanked her. Bridgeman then, allegedly, beat the child.

Najar called authorities several hours later when they found the child not breathing. The little girl has been identified as Adriana Hernandez. There is no word on the child's mother.