Changes in Store for Bartlett's Second Term

Dec 2, 2013

Tulsa Mayor Dewey Bartlett (right) takes the second oath of office for his second term Monday. U.S. District Court Judge Claire Eagan (left) administers the oath as Bartlett's wife, Victoria, looks on.
Credit Matt Trotter / KWGS

  Tulsa Mayor Dewey Bartlett announced several new plans during his inaugural remarks Monday.

"Several reporting relationships will change," Bartlett said. 

One of those changes has already taken place. Employees connected to the city's green waste program now report directly to the mayor.

Changes that have not happened yet concern Tulsa's 911 system and economic development department.

The 911 system will soon be under the Tulsa Police Department. It is currently called 911 Public Safety Communications and is a standalone city department.

The economic development department will be separated from the planning department, and it will report directly to the mayor's office. Current director Clay Bird will continue in his role.

"This reflects the very close, collaborative relationship that our office — that I have with Mike Neal and the regional chamber of commerce, as well as the terrific relationship that we have with the area mayors," Bartlett said. "Our economic handbook is the same for all of us."

Bartlett also wants to hold a public safety summit to evaluate police and fire staffing needs, as well as the connection between crime and drugs. He said now is the time to act, but added financial responsibility will be a cornerstone of his administration's public safety goals.

"We must find a way to invest in public safety in such a way that is within our means — without raising taxes — but gets us to the consistent funding that is required if we are to achieve those goals," Bartlett said.

City Attorney David O'Meilia will head the summit. A date was not announced.