Carts to be Delivered Starting Monday

Jul 12, 2012

Carts for the new trash collection system in Tulsa are arriving and the first group will be delivered to neighborhoods beginning Monday. Gary Percefull is with NewSolutions, the company that will operate the trash pickup service.


Percefull says with thousands of carts to deliver citywide, it’s a big job that will take some time to complete.


Chairman Jim Hinds of NewSolutions agrees it’s going to take time to get carts to everyone in every neighborhood.


And Hinds says although it will take weeks to deliver all the carts, you can start using yours as soon as you get it.


Eric Lee with the city of Tulsa says you can find out approximately when your cart will be dropped off by going to the city website


Jim Hinds says he has experience with the system being installed in Tulsa, and believes most people will like it once all the kinks are worked out and things are running smoothly.


Even though you can start using your new carts right away, the transition period will last until October 1st, when the new service officially begins.