Cartoon Upsets Hispanics

Oklahoma City, OK – Cartoon of Sotomayor as pinata draws criticism

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) Some Hispanics and advocates for women are criticizing an editorial cartoon that depicts Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor as a strung-up pinata that President Barack Obama is inviting Republicans to whack.

The cartoon by Chip Bok of Creators Syndicate ran in The Oklahoman on Tuesday. It shows Obama wearing a sombrero and saying, quote, "Now, who wants to be first?" to a group of elephants in suits holding sticks.

The underline says, "Fiesta Time At The Confirmation Hearing."

Oklahoma Women's Coalition Jean Warner says there was nothing funny about the image. And El Diario La Prensa publisher and CEO Rossana Rosado says seeing Sotomayor hanging by a rope is very disturbing.

Bok said yesterday his point was that Republicans will look bad if they are too rough on Sotomayor. He added that editorial cartoons sometimes offend to make a point.

Oklahoman editor Ed Kelley says the cartoon was reviewed before publication and found to be a good cartoon on a subject that will continue to be in the news.