Capitol needs Capital

Oklahoma City, OK – Pieces of limestone falling from state Capitol

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) Covered scaffolding has been placed at the southeast entrance of the state Capitol after pieces of limestone began falling from the building.

Those entering the building on the southeast must use the handicapped entrance after walking under the 20-foot-long scaffolding.

Central Services Department Director John Richard told The Oklahoman that the cautionary moves come after an engineering firm found damage to the building's exterior. He says small pieces of limestone began falling earlier this month.

Richard said the damage is due to the age of the nearly 100-year-old building and the weather. Construction of the Capitol began in 1914 and was completed in 1919.

Richard said it's not known yet what the cost of repairs would be but said it's estimated to be in the millions.


Information from: The Oklahoman,

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