Can Science Explain What We Believe?

Public Radio Tulsa – Wherever we look, in every corner of human history, we find religion. No other living species has it why do we? How did it evolve, and what's it for?

Scanning the globe, The Really Big Questions explores the power of religion to create nurturing communities and vengeful armies, to console sufferers, and control non-conformists. We meet scientists searching for the underlying causes, and theologians, secular scholars and ordinary believers, who argue that these scientists are asking the wrong questions about the wrong things. Why do religions insist on truths that are either objectively false or unverifiable? Why is science unable to speak intelligibly about God, or Spirit, or the Divine? And can scientists trying to "explain" religion really do what they say?

On this Documentary of the Week, Friday evening at 8:00, don't miss this intriguing examination.

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