Call for Commentaries!

Public Radio Tulsa – StudioTulsa encourages its listeners to submit commentaries for airplay consideration. Recently, host Rich Fisher concluded the show with the following remarks: "This is the time of the program when we occasionally feature a member of our community sharing a personal essay or commentary on a civic issue - or just about life in Tulsa - people like Barry Friedman, Connie Cronley, and Jeff Martin.

And while you'll still hear from them regularly, to borrow a sports metaphor, we're looking to expand the bench a little bit.

So here's your chance to be on the radio. Got a city or state issue that has you riled up? How about an idea that could make our community better? Or how about a special experience in your life? Or just a story that you'd like to share with five- to ten-thousand of your closest friends? Well, here's your opportunity.

We're looking for three- to four-minute commentaries, which is no more than about two pages (typed and doubled-spaced) per piece. Producer Scott Gregory will work with you to make your commentary clear and concise, and before you know it - you'll be on the radio."

(Note that all submissions are, of course, subject to approval and editing.)

So, for information on becoming a commentator on StudioTulsa, or to submit your commentary, send an e-mail to