Building (and Rebuilding) Green: Meet Steve Hewitt, City Administrator of Greensburg, Kansas

Tulsa, Oklahoma – On this edition of our show, we chat with Steve Hewitt, the city administrator for the town of Greensburg, Kansas. In 2007, this town was all but demolished by a tornado. But shortly thereafter the people of Greensburg, somewhat incredibly, vowed to not only rebuild their community --- but to rebuild it in as "green" a manner as possible. Hewitt will be appearing in Tulsa this Saturday (the 12th) at a day-long, free-to-the-public Go!Green Expo (jointly sponsored by the Eastern Oklahoma Chapter of the AIA, Mayor Kathy Taylor's Green Team, and the University of Tulsa), which will happen in the Alan Chapman Activity Center on the TU campus. (For more information on this seminar, be sure to visit As Hewitt explains to our host Rich Fisher, the town of Greensburg is now widely regarded as a model for activists, architects, builders, environmentalists, and others interested in creating sustainable communities in America today.