Brogdon Endorses Fallin

Oklahoma City, OK – Owasso State Senator randy Brogdon makes it official. He today, endorsed Mayor Fallin for Governor. Brogdon lost to Fallin in last week's GOP primary.

The endorsement came after Fallin and Brogdon met at Fallin's Oklahoma City campaign headquarters. Brogdon had the backing of local Tea Party members and elements of the GOP considered to be more to the right than Fallin.

"If you are a committed constitutional conservative, as I am and as my supporters are, it is extremely important to get out and vote for Mary Fallin this November," said Brogdon. Fallin praised Brogdon for his commitment to conservative values."Senator Brogdon is a principled leader and an energetic campaigner. He has a bright future in our party."

Democrat candidate Drew Edmondson endorsed the Democrat nominee Jari Askins during his concession speech on election night.