Bridge to Be Closed

Oklahoma City, OK – Emergency contract awarded on Route 66 bridge

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) State transportation commissioners have awarded an emergency contract on a project being sped up because of deteriorating conditions on a State Highway 66 bridge over Bird Creek in Rogers County.

Commissioners on Monday awarded the $733,000 contract to APAC-Central Inc. to build detour lanes across the medians to divert traffic from the crumbling bridge in the westbound lanes onto the eastbound lanes and bridge. Oklahoma Department of Transportation officials say the project should be done by Dec. 28.

The bridge was built in 1936 as part of old U.S. Highway 66. It has been narrowed to one lane since June because of safety concerns and has needed more than 40 emergency repairs since 2008.

ODOT's chief engineer, Gary Evans, is hopeful an entire replacement bridge will be built by September.