Breakfast with the Senator

Aug 26, 2013

Senator Coburn meets with leaders of the Tulsa Chamber, prior to a breakfast address.
Credit Tulsa Regional Chamber

Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn meets with members of the Tulsa Chamber of Commerce. He spoke at the Wyndham Hotel, on 41st near Highway 169, during a breakfast meeting.

The Senator is becoming more critical of the Obama administration and its implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

TOM COBURN:  "I would say the administration is lawless in its implementation of this bill.  The fact that they are going to pick and choose, regardless of what the law says, they are going to pick and choose what they are going to implement and what they won't."

He says the administration’s actions are unacceptable and unfair to the average Americans.

TOM COBURN: "It is certainly unfair to the middle class. It is certainly unfair to those trying to get a job today and can't get full time employment."

The Senator claims the ACA is forcing some employers to convert  full time jobs into part time to avoid the act.